SEMA: A 1.2 million Sq. Ft Car Show


We just got back from the SEMA (Special Equipment Market Association) convention in Las Vegas.

At the convention I met several people who had been going to SEMA for 20+ years. This blog is not for them. I wanted to write a brief review for those in the motorsports industry who haven’t been to SEMA.


Outdoor Drifting ride-alongs

SEMA is unlike any automotive related gathering in the world

For starters, it’s the second-biggest convention annually in the US, second only to CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The show fills nearly every square foot of the 1.2 million sq ft Las Vegas convention center.

If I were to stop and look at every single booth or display it would literally takes days. I gave up counting every custom hot rod, muscle car, super car, off road, monster pick up, and concept passenger car at 800!

NEW underground Tesla loop

Any conservative estimate including the demonstration vehicles in the monstrous parking lot adjacent to the convention center would be 1000+.

After Market Parts

There were literally thousands of after market car parts from the most amazing sound systems to 10ft tall lift kits. The variety and quality was astounding.

The crowd at SEMA was at another level, there were well over 100 thousand in attendance. It was a lot! And because SEMA is for automotive related professionals only, that is a testament to the importance and draw of the show.

Williams 2022 F1 Racing Car

Highlights from SEMA


When you think auto show, you don’t necessarily think of going to “class” but the SEMA show had a wide variety of on-site learning opportunities. From Monday through Friday there were 117 different classes, workshops, discussion panels, and lectures. 

Engaging the Next Generation of Women in Motorsports

Of all the seminars I attended, a panel discussing women in motorsports and the importance of finding and grooming the next generation of women to compete as drivers, mechanics, and team owners was the most interesting. The panel consisted of up and coming motorcycle drag racing star Dystany Spurlock.

Michell Della Penna, founder of the Next Gen Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting girls as they join the next generation of motorsports professionals – race car drivers, chassis designers, team engineers, or mechanics.

Beth Paretta long time automotive industry senior executive and the only female IndyCar team owner in history.

The panel was chaired by long time automotive journalist and team member on multiple land-speed record setting teams, Louise Ann Noeth. The energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the women on the panel and in the audience was evident and it is an aspect of the motor racing industry that DHG MOTO will be paying close attention to.

Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew cast live discussion


On Tuesday night I attended that annual SEMA PAC cocktail reception at the Azilo Ultra Lounge at the Sahara Hotel. Being a current resident of Washington, DC how could I stay away from something political? It was a wise choice to attend. I made some very beneficial contacts with sponsors who are playing a big role in supporting racing, board members who are steering the PAC through the rough seas of DC, and with new SEMA PAC Director Karen Bailey-Chapman. 

The PAC concentrates on fund raising and promoting an ever growing group of bipartisan Congressional  politicians who support the mission of SEMA.  SEMA’s most important piece of legislation which is currently up for consideration is the S. 2736 or “The RPM ACT”